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About Monique

I am Monique Sims, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist. I am a business owner, mother of 3, and a wife. Growing up I always envisioned my journey to motherhood. I would fall in love, get married, save money, and have my baby! To be honest my journey began just like that. But when it was time for me to become a mother, my world would be turned upside down in so many ways. 

My husband and I struggled to get pregnant. I refused to give up even though I was experiencing a wave of emotions I never felt before. I felt alone, lost, and angry. After over a year of trying I got pregnant and had my first baby. I was as excited as a new mom could be! But soon, I began to realize my life had changed, drastically. I felt there was never enough time in the day, my self-care routine diminished, my husband and I felt less connected, and I often worried how will I ever feel a sense of normalcy again. I quickly began to miss my "pre-baby" lifestyle. I realized I not only had the “baby blues", but also postpartum anxiety. I also began to worry about everything; my baby, taking care of my home, and my job. I quickly realized that I could not do everything myself even though I often tried. I decided to seek help. I needed to increase my support system and broaden my knowledge and awareness of perinatal disorders. 

Armed with practical and clinical knowledge, I now had a clearer understanding of my own motherhood journey. As my new normal started to feel like a life I could enjoy again, I knew it was my calling to help other women and their families find balance and stability during their journeys. There are resources for every situation. I am a resource as your therapist. Step By Step Perinatal Services is the first step in regaining confidence, assurance, and control over your journey to and through motherhood.

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